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South India Luxury Tour Package Holidays

Duration: 9 Nights/10 Days

Day 1 - Arrive Chennai

On arrival at Chennai International Airport you are greeted by the LUXURY HIDEAWAYS representative and whisked into town to check-in at the hotel. Spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 2 - Chennai - Mahabalipuram (approx 90 Kms / 2 Hours drive)

After breakfast, check-out and take the drive to Mahabalipuram and check-in at the hotel on arrival. Take the sightseeing tour of Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. Mahabalipuram, with its picturesque location atop a rocky outcrop between the beach and a lagoon, is a happy combination of history, beaches, hassle-free tourism and fabulous fish and lobster! The place is friendly and relaxed and the villagers are remarkably unperturbed by the large visiting crowds. Mahabalipuram is renowned for its series of charming rathas and the spectacularArjuna’s Penance, all carved on solid rock. The magnificent Shore Temple, built by King Rajasimha in the seventh century, is a unique monolith temple that houses the shrines of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The Varaha Cave is a rock-cut mandapam presenting two incarnations of Vishnu and the Krishna Mandapam (Hall) has a depiction of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan hill on his fingertips. Other important attractions of Mahabalipuram include the Mahishasuramardini Cave, Kotikal Mandapam, Ramanuja Mandapam, and the Dharmaraja Cave.

Later in the day, visit Kanchipuram (64 Kms from Chennai), the ancient capital of the Pallavas also known as the city of 1000 temples. The city still has 124 shrines and the first temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built here in the 7th & 8th century A.D. The temples of Ekambaswara, Kailasanath, Sri Kamakshi and Varadarajaswamy are worth a visit too. Kanchipuram is also famous for its silks.

Return to Mahabalipuram for overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 3 - Mahabalipuram

Spend the day at own leisureto explore the city or just relax on the beach.

Overnight stay at Hotel in Mahabalipuram.

Day 4 - Mahabalipuram -Pondicherry(approx 165 Kms / 4 Hours drive)

Set off in the morning on the drive to Pondicherry and check–in at Hotel on arrival. Later set off on the sightseeing tour of Pondicherry and visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the final resting place of the founder of the famed Ashram, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Also stop to visit the gothic styled Church Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus with its remarkable stained glass windows. The Pondicherry Museum, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels on Beach Rd. and the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception are other places of interest.

Return to hotel for overnight stay in Pondicherry.

Day 5 - Pondichery -Tanjore(approx 177 Kms - 4 Hours drive)

In the morning take the drive to Tanjore and check-in at Hotel on arrival. Later, set off on the sightseeing tour of Tanjore and experience the presence of history, religion and nature all around you. Tanjore is essentially a place for art lovers, especially those who are fascinated by temple architecture. Krishna is the deity depicted here with his complexion shown as white rather than the traditional blue. The Brihadeeswara Temple, the Palace, the Art Gallery and the Saraswati Mahal Library are some of the other places worth seeing in Tanjore. Return to hotel for overnight stay at in Tanjore.

Day 6 - Tanjore -Tiruchirappally (Trichy) (approx 54 Kms / 2 Hours drive)

Set off on the drive to Trichy in the morning and check-in at the Hotel on arrival. Then take the sightseeing tour of Trichy. Most of the places here have great historical importance including the Rock Fort Temple, an enchanting and unique temple that is definitely a must-see. The Tiruvanaikkaval temple, famous for its Siva Lingam and seven Gopurams, is another pilgrimage site that must be visited. Return to the hotel for overnight stay in Trichy.

Day 7 - Trichy -Madurai(approx 128 Kms / 2 Hours drive)

In the morning set off on the drive to Madurai. Following check-in at Hotel on arrival, proceed on the sightseeing tour of Madurai. Visit the great Meenakshi Temple, dedicated to the Consort of Lord Shiva, and view its ten towering gopurams (temple towers) rising above the surrounding courtyards. Relish views of thelush countryside with its green paddy fields and groves of coconut palms. Visit the "Hall of a Thousand Pillars", built in 1560, a great work of structural engineering and art, where each pillar is a picture book carved in stone, depicting a whole range of human expressions. Later, visit the Tirumalai Nayak Palace, a gracious building in Indo-Saracenic style and known for the stuccowork on its domes and arches. In the evening visit the temple once again to attend the daily temple ceremonies. Overnight stay at Hotel in Madurai.

Day 8 - Madurai - Periyar (approx 134 Kms / 4:30 Hours drive)

In the morning take the drive to Periyar and check–in at the Hotel on arrival,then proceed on the sightseeing tour of Periyar. Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Periyar in the National Park, known for its herds of wild elephant, bison, deer and spectacular bird life. In the evening stop for a visit at the spice market. Overnight stay at Hotel in Periyar.

Day 9 - Periyar - Cochin(approx 185 Kms / 5:30 Hours drive)

In the morning set off on the drive to Cochin and check-in at the hotel on arrival, following which enjoy a sightseeing tour of Cochin. Stroll through the quaint streets of Fort Cochin andvisit The Dutch Palace at Mattancherry, renowned for its ancient wall murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana. Stop at the Jewish Synagogue at the heart of a town locally known as the Jew Town. Cochin also boasts of The St. Francis Church, the oldest European church in India and The Santa Cruz Basilica, originally built in 1557 by the Portuguese. Another major tourist attraction here is the Chinese fishing nets, huge cantilevered fishing nets believed to have been broughtto Cochin by Chinese traders.Overnight stay at Hotel in Cochin.

Day 10 - Departure.

Check-out from hotel and take the transfer to the airport for your onward journey.

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